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  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Public Procurements and Calls for Tender…
  • Services of General (Economic) Interest …
  • Legal Elaborates, Analyses and Studies
  • Conclusion of Contracts
  • Feasibility Studies, SWOT Analyses, Inve…
  • Project Management
  • Assistance and Representation in Negotia…
  • Knowledge Transfer

Public-Private Partnerships

The PPP Act regulates the purpose and principles of private investment in public projects and/or of public co-financing of private projects that are in the public interest. The PPP Act


Public Procurements and Calls for Tenders

Public procurements are under Slovenian legislation regulated by two main Acts: Public Procurement Act and - Public Procurement in Water Management, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Area Act...


Services of General (Economic) Interest and State Aid

Providing and funding of services of general interest is one of the key issues in every socially-oriented society. Providing non-economic services of general interest is not a subject to


Legal Elaborates, Analyses and Studies

Legal elaborates, analyses and studies are becoming highly important in order to take right and efficient legal decisions. Complex system of rules demands high level of specialised knowledge and multidisciplinary


Conclusion of Contracts

In order to successfully execute the public-private partnership, the conclusion of the contract and contract management are crucial. Contracts shall be concluded according to the provisions laid down by the


Feasibility Studies, SWOT Analyses, Investment Documentation

are needed in order to demonstrate economic feasibility and eligibility of the project


Project Management

Project management is becoming an important skill, necessary for successful on-time and on-budget delivery and realisation of the projects.


Assistance and Representation in Negotiations

Negotiations are often presented as the skill which enables maximisation of the profits for the client. There are a number of negotiation techniques.


Knowledge Transfer

Our constantly upgraded knowledge is valuable and can be effectively used in practice. Although we do practice classical ex-cathedra courses upon request, we prefer custom-made education.

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Web page designed in 2008 allows users to follow the best practice examples, news, latest projects; exchange ideas, ask questions about public-private partnerships and related areas. In case of more complex issues or projects, you can contact us or use the possibility of non-binding meeting at our premises, or at your office.